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If you are coming by car for the first time, please ask our reception for directions, it is very easy to get lost! If you are coming by train, our reception might find some commuters for you to make a taxi ride to our Center cheaper.
If you have special conditions or questions, put them here. Specific requirements can include diet (we support vegan and gluten-free so let us know if you need something besides that), disabilities (wheelchairs, broken leg etc). Anything that you think is important to make your stay more comfortable goes here.

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  • The spiritual hatha yoga based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
  • "The secret of meditation is… relinquishing outward attachments and affirming divine freedom within." – The Secrets of Meditation, by Swami Kriyananda
  • Kriya Yoga is an advanced technique for spiritual evolution that comes down from higher ages of spiritual enlightenment.