Useful information


Who can participate in this program:

This program is available to all those who are sincerely seeking God and wish to experience a period of seclusion, guided by one of  Ananda's Spritual Trainers, who can support you and help you contact the deepest part of your being: your higher Self. Remember that to be eligible for this program you must have previously stayed at Ananda.


What does “guided” mean?

A spiritual retreat is a precious opportunity for personal growth; you will be assigned a Spiritual Trainer with whom you will meet at the beginning and the end of your seclusion.

Your first meeting with your guide, or Spiritual Trainer, is very important; together you will plan your seclusion, according to your needs. Your retreat could include meeting with other Spiritual Trainers, depending on the program you establish and the subjects that you would like to go into more deeply.


How does it work?

There will be guided moments of sharing, and also periods which you can organize in complete autonomy. You are free to take long walks, read, be in silence, and participate in meditation and yoga with the other guests in the temple, as you wish. Before you leave you will be a final meeting with your Spiritual Trainer.

What does the Spiritual Trainer do?
The task of your Spiritual Trainer is to accompany you during your seclusion and help you derive the maximum benefit from your experience.
Together you will decide how much time you would like to spend with a guide, and which topics you'd like to explore such as:
general sharing
spiritual counseling
meditation practice (if you are Kriyaban you can ask to have your practice checked)
the Energization Exercises
the next steps of your spiritual path
how to establish a regular sadhana in your daily life
self-healing through Paramhansa Yogananda's practices
yogic nutrition
suggested inspiring reading
personal yoga classes
how to play the harmonium
meditative walks

How much time is guided?
The guided part of your seclusion will consist of a maximum of two hours per day, which can be divided into more than one meeting. If you stay a week, you will have 2 “free days” and 5 days with your Spiritual Trainer(s), in the same manner described above. The first and the last meetings with the Trainer, are fundamental and included in the count of two hours per day.

Where you will stay
Because of the nature of this program, we strongly recommended that you book a single room. It's best to reserve well in advance to be sure of availability.


Cost of the program

The cost for a week basic program is 140 € (excluding room and board) and provides four hours with your Spiritual Trainer. The cost for a weekend program is 70 € and provides two hours with your Spiritual Trainer.

You can customize the cost of your retreat based on the amount of “guided” time. You can add up to a total maximum of 2 hours per day, at a cost of € 35 per hour.

Your meals will be taken in the dining room, along with the other guests, but if you wish to remain in silence, you can wear a badge that says “I am in silence”, which you can ask for at the reception office. This is a common practice at Ananda, and everyone will respect it.

If you prefer not to eat in the dining room, you can have meals delivered to your room for a small supplement of 5 euros per day.

Program availability
The program is active year round except for the periods of Easter, August, Christmas and New Year. You are free to choose how long you wish to stay, from a weekend to a week or even more; it is not the amount of time that is important, but its quality.

We suggest you choose one of Ananda's “slower” periods for your retreat: February, March, April, May, September, October or November.

Can I attend classes during this time?

This program does not include participation in Ananda classes. If you wish to take a specific program, such as Kriya preparation for example, you can do this before or after your retreat, but not during. Instead you can be part of daily sadhanas, yoga classes and classes on the basic techniques of meditation and energization held during your stay.

Who are the Spiritual Trainers?
For organizational reasons we can not give you the opportunity to choose your Spiritual Trainer. If your native language is English, German or Croatian, check with the reception office to see if a Spiritual Trainer is available who speaks your language, during the time you wish to come.

Kirtani            Italian and English
Uma                English
Premi              Italian
Mayadevi        Italian, German and English
Namasya         Italian, German, English
Yogindra         Italian
Anand             English
Shivani            Italian and English
Arjuna             Italian and English
Mahiya            Italian and English
Arudra            Italian, English and Croatian
Clarita             Italian and English
Shantidev        Italian, English and German
Sahaja             Italian and English
Narya              Italian and English

"For most aspiring yogis ... would be of great help for their sadhana (spiritual practice) spend time each year - a week or two, or even more - and at least one day a week retreating into silence and solitude. Meditate for many hours at a time, reading spiritually uplifting books, take long walks "with God", do some 'mental work like writing a spiritual diary: all this can balance the continued outward activity, strengthening spirituality. "- Swami Kriyananda