Useful Information


Who can participate:

Unguided personal retreat is available to all those who are sincerely seeking God and wish to practice His presence in the calm and silence of an interiorized retreat and have already stayed at Ananda for a week or weekend program.


How does it work?

You are free to organize your day as you like, in complete freedom: take long walks, read your books, stay in silence, and practice meditation and yoga with the other guests, if you wish.


Where you will stay

You can choose any of the lodging possibilities that Ananda offers, but we strongly recommend that you book a single room. If this is your choice, it's best to reserve well in advance to be sure of availability.


Cost of the program

Since you will not be attending classes, in addition to the cost of room and board, your cost will be only 10 Euros per day.


You may take your meals in the dining room, along with the other guests, but if you wish to remain in silence, you can wear a badge that says “I am in silence”, which you can ask for at the reception office. This is a common practice at Ananda, and everyone will respect it.


If you prefer not to eat in the dining room, you can have meals delivered to your room for a small supplement of 5 euros per day.



This program is available year round except: July, August, and all holiday seasons and you are free to choose how long you wish to stay, from a weekend to a week or even more; it is not the amount of time that is important, but its quality.

We recommend choosing months in which there are fewer guests at Ananda: February, March, May, September, October and November.


Can I attend classes during this time?

This program does not include participation in Ananda classes. If you wish to take a specific program, such as Kriya preparation for example, you can do this before or after your retreat, but not during.