LTS: Self-healing with Prana

LTS: Self-healing with Prana

This intensive course is available for everyone, and is also one of the required courses for the Ananda Life Therapy School of Self-Healing. How to use prana to improve your health, happiness and achieve Self-realization. Yogananda affirms that one of life's most important accomplishments is to become the master of our destiny. It is our birthright, he says, to be robustly healthy, inwardly happy and abundantly successful. N.B. We can only guarantee translation in English if the reservation is made at least one week before the course begins.

CODE:  A0178
  • FROM 19/05/2019 TO 24/05/2019
"The method which can directly and quickly rouse the life energy to effect healing I term ‘Life Therapy,' or direct healing by the rays of the inner Life Force."
—Paramhansa Yogananda

This course offers you a complete overview of Yogananda’s teachings and techniques of Life Therapy.

Yogananda introduced the practice of “self-healing with prana” through a series of exercises that enable us to draw directly from the unlimited source of cosmic energy – Prana - and to direct that energy where it is needed. With an increased flow of prana, we can revitalize any part of the body, establish mental peace and clarity, and render more dynamic and fruitful all aspects of our life.

In this course we explore the simple yet profound truth that Life Force (prana), when it is stimulated and properly directed, is the instrument of all forms of healing. "Physical diseases are many," Yogananda writes, "and are caused principally by the weakening of the Life Force … The greater the will, greater the flow of life-energy into a particular body part."

The Life Therapy exercises you will learn include:
  • The Energy Recharging Exercises, which include 39 exercises that bring prana directly to the body cells, muscles, tissues and organs;
  • The Superconscious Living Exercises, a series of 6 simple exercises which reset our mental outlook and activate a higher awareness;
  • Pranic and Heliotropic Techniques that combine the healing force in the sun with prana
  • Ananda Yoga asanas and pranayamasthat release the energetic blocks and mental tensions;
  • Meditation techniques that focus the powers of the mind and calm emotional disturbances

The topics and practices included:

  • Yogananda's six pillars of radiant health for body, mind, and spirit
  • How to increase your reservoir of vital energy – prana
  • Energy-producing foods and thoughts
  • How to develop dynamic will power and use it for improved health and success
  • How to strengthen your aura and protect yourself from negativity
  • How to overcome fatigue and lack of enthusiasm
  • Healing practices in nature (weather permitting)
  • Creating your personal health program

The afternoon workshops are devoted practicing the principles and techniques learned in the morning sessions. By the end of the course you will have developed a healthful daily routine that keeps you energized, calm, clear and robustly healthy.

Your daily schedule:

7.00-8.45: Spiritual practices

8.45 Breakfast in silence
9.30 Healthy walk in nature, weather permitting
10.30-13.30: Lesson
13.30 Lunch
15.00-16.00 Experiential workshops 
16.15 Ananda Yoga for self-healing
17.45-19.30 Energization and meditation

19.30 Dinner in silence
20.30-21.30 Evening program

  • PRICE OF THE COURSE: 200,00 €