LTS: The Healing Power of the Mind

LTS: The Healing Power of the Mind

How to develop healthy habits and a positive mental outlook. This intensive course is available for everyone, and is also one of the required courses for the Ananda Life Therapy School of Self-Healing. N.B. We can only guarantee translation in English if the reservation is made at least one week before the course begins.

CODE:  L0110a
  • FROM 05/05/2019 TO 10/05/2019

"Change the trend of your thoughts; cast out all negative mental habits, substituting in their place wholesome, courageous thought habits, and applying them in daily life, with unshakable confidence."
—Paramhansa Yogananda

Yogananda says that the secret valve that turns on the flow of cosmic life force is our mental attitude of “willingness,” our power to say “I can and I will.”

In the same way that we have a regular daily diet, we also have a mental diet: thoughts and mental habit patterns that arise automatically, seemingly of their own volition.  Even when we aren’t fully aware of them, they strongly impact our health. Each of them either opens or shuts down the flow of cosmic healing energy.

In this course you learn how thoughts and words influence your emotions, your behavior and your health. You will be guided in evaluating your own mental diet and in determining which aspects of it are healthful or harmful. You will then learn a powerful technique for installing constructive mental attitudes, using the conscious mind to restructure your sub-consciousness through the practice of Yogananda’s “Scientific healing affirmations,” Kriyananda’s “Affirmations and Prayers for Self-Healing,” and his “Superconscious Living Exercises.

By the end of the week you will have learned how to develop a healthy mental and emotional diet, and be able, as Yogananda says, to be more in control of your destiny.

The afternoon sessions will be devoted to the practice of techniques learned in the morning sessions and to the fascinating study of the ten classic mental attitudes from the Indian scripture, The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, which enable us to rise above the emotional ups and downs of life. Each student will choose one of these ten yamas and niyamas to practice and try to perfect throughout the year.

Your daily schedule:

7.00-8.45 Spiritual practices

8.45 Breakfast in silence

10.30-13.30 Lesson

13.30 Lunch

15.00-16.00 Experiential workshops

16.15 Ananda Yoga

17.45-19.30 Energization and meditation

19.30 Dinner in silence

20.30-21.30 Evening program

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  • PRICE OF THE COURSE: 200,00 €