Ananda Life Therapy School: Vibratory Healing

Ananda Life Therapy School: Vibratory Healing

Learn to harness the healing power of sound, music, mantra and prayer. This course, which is part of the Ananda Life Therapy School of Self-Healing curriculum, can also be attended by those who are not registered students. N.B. We can only guarantee translation into English if the reservation is received at least one week before the course begins.
CODE:  A00650A
  • FROM 04/08/2019 TO 09/08/2019

“Harmonious sound and chants impregnated with superconscious and soul-force, will-power, and faith, awaken the drooping tissues of the nervous system by rousing vital energy in them. The external method of vibrating the voice … can heal all inharmonious conditions of the body, mind, and soul. A sincere, kind word, an inspired song, a soul-solacing voice of wisdom, have dispelled many sorrows and inflamed into many souls the light of lasting joy.”

-- Paramhansa Yogananda


The entire material universe is composed essentially of vibratory patterns. Sounds, shapes, colors, words, music, mantra, etc. directly penetrate our consciousness and affect the state of our health either positively or harmfully. Good health is that state in which the vibratory rate of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies are in harmony with each other and with the frequency of cosmic consciousness.

Yogananda uses vibrations and frequencies in many forms as instruments for self-healing. These include the singing and chanting of super-consciously-inspired songs and mantras, healing affirmations, prayers and self-healing meditation practices, and techniques for the awakening of the chakras.

Subject and practices included:

  • Understanding the Gunas: the three vibratory ingredients of creation
  • Devotional singing of Yogananda’s Cosmic Chants
  • Awakening and harmonizing the chakras
  • Listening to and chanting mantras
  • Developing the voice as a healing instrument
  • Deep practice of Scientific Healing Affirmations
  • Listening to AUM and using it as an instrument to help ourselves and others
  • How to pray effectively for yourself and others
  • Transmitting healing vibrations to others at a distance
  • Listening to and singing divinely-inspired music
  • Yogananda’s magnetic, heliotropic and other vibratory exercises for self-healing
  • “Spirit-in-Nature” flower essence therapy
  • The healing power of colors, aromas, and the sounds of nature


The course is given primarily in Italian, with English translation upon request, at least one week in advance of the starting date of the program. For translations in other languages, please contact the Reception office.

Your daily schedule:

7.00-8.45         Energization and meditation

8.45                 Breakfast in silence

9.30                 Healthy walk in nature, weather permitting

10.30-13.30:   Lesson

13.30               Lunch

14.45-16.00     Workshop 
16.15               Ananda Yoga for self-healing 
17.45-19.30     Energization and meditation

19.30               Dinner in silence

20.30-21.30        Evening program (optional)

Personal counselling

Personal counselling sessions are available during this course to those registered in the Ananda Life Therapy School of Self-Healing. 


Study Materials

  • Anthology of articles
  • CD Mantra of Eternity: AUM
  • CD Mantra: Gayatri e Mahamrityunjaya

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  • PRICE OF THE COURSE: 200,00 €