LTS: Healthy and Happier Relationships

LTS: Healthy and Happier Relationships

Learn to harmonize your relationships with the people in your life, with your work, with money and with life’s challenges. Intensive Course.

CODE:  A0105
  • FROM 02/06/2019 TO 07/06/2019

“Accept personal responsibility for everything in your life—

your health, your relationships, and your happiness. Only you

are responsible for you! When you truly realize this, you will have

the power to change your very destiny.” – Nayaswami Jyotish


Relationships - be it with people, work, money, or life circumstances - are perhaps life’s most challenging experiences, ones that have a greater impact on our health than we recognize.

During this program we focus on improving our relationships with:

  • loved ones, family and friends;
  • our work, colleagues and creative expression;
  • money and the flow of prosperity.

Topics included during the course:

  • How do relationships affect our health?
  • The karmic aspect of relationships
  • How human love can bring us to divine love
  • Best friends make the best partners
  • Respect, appreciation, freedom
  • Loving, non-violent, non-judgmental communications
  • Resolving conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Expectations, trust, disappointments and forgiveness
  • The evolution of intimacy
  • Attitudes and techniques for attracting your soul partner and spiritual friends
  • How to help each other grow and meet internal and external challenges
  • Your relationship with your work and its effects on your health
  • Healthy work habits and attitudes
  • Improving your relationship with money
  • How to activate the laws of success, prosperity and magnetism
  • The ethics of prosperity
  • Gratitude and giving


The afternoon workshops are devoted to the practice of the principles and techniques learned in the morning sessions. By the end of the week you will have learned how to achieve a more dynamic, loving and balanced life.




The course is given primarily in Italian, with English translation upon request, at least one week in advance of the starting date of the program. For translations in other languages, please contact the Reception office.


Your daily schedule:

7.00-8.45: Energy recharging exercises and meditation
8.45 Breakfast in silence
9.30 Healthy walk in nature, weather permitting
10.30-13.30: Lesson
13.30 Lunch
14.45-16.00 Workshop 
16.15 Ananda Yoga for self-healing 
17.45-19.30 Energy recharging exercises and meditation
19:30 Dinner in silence
20.30-21.30 Evening program (optional)

individual sessions with your Life Therapy Counsellor are available.


Study Materials

Book: How to Love and Be Loved

Book: 30 Day Essentials for Marriage


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  • PRICE OF THE COURSE: 200,00 €